Prayer Room

St.Alphonsa online prayer group is a prayer ministry which was initiated on 16th June 2013 in St.Alphonsa Community,with the intention of praying for our community and the needs of others.

At present we have more than 90 members  who are set to offer two 203 Mani Japam(Four different members offer 4 mysteries) on each day of the week. We pray for the needs by reciting the Rosary for the veneration of blessed Virgin Mary.

wherever you may be, in your own time.(If you devote one day of family prayer for this intention will also do) and try to pray for this intention on the  same day every week.

You will receive a reminder by email on your scheduled day with an updated prayer request.

You may also receive urgent prayer request depending on the severity once or more in a week.


St.Alphonsa online prayer group is a wonderful gift bestowed by God for usto unite in prayer and grow in prayer.

God does not reject any prayer that is offered to him. He knows your virtue better than we do and will certainly  reward you what you suitsbest in your hour of need.


If you wish to join this prayer ministry you can do online by clicking on the Join Group tab and filling the form,or email to with your name,contact number,email and preferred day of prayer and preferred mystery you would like to recite for this intention.

Your  prayer requests,queries and suggestions can be Emailed to

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